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Vehicle Scheduling: User Benefits
Why use computers in vehicle scheduling and routing?
Using computer software will increase the effectiveness of both the vehicle scheduling process and transport activities.
Normally companies concentrate on making more efficient routes, but a second high value is that the actual vehicle scheduling process requires less resources in terms of staff and time. Faster planning is very important for some industry segments
A more straightforward planning process leads to stability and measurability in the company.
Make use of your staff's experience and ideas. This is a positive aspect for the staff working operationally in planning. Normally there are lots of ideas that are never considered because of a stressed daily situation. LogiX does the 'boring' work and allows valuable human resources to develop the structure.
Enables cost measurement and control. Bottlenecks and 'expensive customers' are easy to identify. Measurement is possible for a selected group or for individual routes.
Enables 'what if' analyses

  • Depot localisation
  • Dimensioning of vehicle fleet
  • Tender situations
  • Infrastructure changes effect on vehicle routing and sensitivity analysis

Environmental aspects.
LogiX gives the most efficient vehicle routing possible, which minimises the environmental impact. The planning can be done following all restrictions, like dangerous goods or restricted zones. Together with data of emission from each vehicle, LogiX gives the information required to document the environmental impact for the transport.
Or to summarise into three advantages:

  • Better vehicle routing
  • Faster vehicle routing
  • 'Spin-off' effects

It improves your service and saves you money!

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