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AnyLogic Simulation Platform Enhances Your Entire Business Life-cycle

PMC, through its partnership with the AnyLogic Company, offers a cutting-edge software product and services for simulation, from stand-alone applications to turn-key solutions tailored to customers' needs.

AnyLogic® is the first and only tool that allows you to model in three major paradigms: Discrete Event Modeling, System Dynamics and Agent Based Modeling all within one modeling language and one model development environment. The first two standards were developed in the 1950s and 1960s and both employ a system-level (top-down) view of things. The agent based approach, a more recent development, is a bottom-up approach where the modeler focuses on the behavior of the individual objects. 

The system dynamics method assumes a high abstraction level and is primarily used for strategic level problems. Discrete event (process-centric) modeling is mainly used on operational and tactical levels. Agent based models are used at all levels: agents can be competing companies, consumers, projects, ideas, vehicles, pedestrians, or robots

All business areas are utilizing AnyLogic simulation software for better decision making throughout the entire business lifecycle. Using one tool for all business challenges enables organizations to save time and money, increase knowledge sharing, and link models across multiple departments.

By using simulation technologies, you can easily examine and verify any scenario, design the best layout for your construction project, re-engineer your production processes, or build a warehouse or logistics network. In all industries, from supply chain and logistics to market research and healthcare, AnyLogic can be applied to multiple levels of your business, including operation, tactical and strategic, quickly becoming an integral part of your organization.

AnyLogic provides a wide range of visualization and animation tools to help you build models that can have a customized look with improved visual impact. The unique flexibility of the modeling language enables the user to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of business, economic and social systems to any desired level of detail.

 AnyLogic Simulation Software offers many advantages, including:
  • The native Java environment supports limitless extensibility including custom Java code, external libraries, and external data sources
  • An extensive statistical distribution function set provides an excellent platform for simulating the uncertainty inherent in all systems
  • A powerful experimental framework, built-in support for Monte Carlo simulations and advanced forms of optimization support a wide variety of simulation approaches
  • The object-oriented model design paradigm supported by AnyLogic provides for modular, hierarchical, and incremental construction of large models.
  • Visual development environment significantly speeds up the development process
  • Object libraries provide the ability to quickly incorporate pre-built simulation elements
  • Reusability through fully object oriented structure
  • Develop agent-based, system dynamics, discrete-event, continuous and dynamic system models, in any combination, with one tool
  • Supports the seamless integration of discrete and continuous simulations

AnyLogic’s graphical interface, tools, and library objects allow you to quickly model diverse areas such as manufacturing and logistics, business processes, human resources, consumer and patient behavior. The flexibility and complexity of AnyLogic software allows the utilization of simulation and modeling in virtually all sectors and departments of your business, ensuring more profitable decision making and more efficient problem solving.

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Customer Feedback


“[PMC engineers] did an outstanding job of understanding our work processes and developing a simulation model that provided very useful output.”
- Major Automotive OEM Business Process Consultant

“Your engineering team responded to challenges along the way, and proved to be an excellent source for our [simulation] needs.”
-World leader in Specialty Glass and Ceramics Senior Process Project Manager

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