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Tecnomatix Digital Manufacturing Products

Tecnomatix™ is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that deliver innovation by linking all manufacturing disciplines together with product engineering – from process layout and design, process simulation and validation, to manufacturing execution. The following PMC services with Tecnomatix products can help you get the most out of your manufacturing system:


Lean Siemens Airport Security and Luggage


Free Siemens PLM 30-day Trial: Plant Simulation & RobotExpert.  Get a free 30-day trial (with extra support)  for the Siemens’ Tecnomatix flagship product, Plant Simulation, and the newest product, RobotExpert.

Plant Simulation.  Optimize your factories and logistics systems with the world’s leading discrete event simulation software.  Plant Simulation is 3D, object-oriented, discrete event simulation software that allows you to quickly and intuitively build realistic logistics models. You can also perform sophisticated production analysis using advanced statistical tools.

RobotExpert.  Design and optimize your robotic operations with robot simulation and offline programming software.  RobotExpert is an easy-to-deploy, 3D robot simulation and offline programming software. With RobotExpert, you can perform 3D modeling and simulation of your automation systems including robots, tooling and peripheral equipment.


Tecnomatix Products Use
FactoryCAD 2D/3D Plant Design/Layout
FactoryFLOW Material Flow Optimization
Jack Ergonomics (Human) Analysis
Plant Simulation Throughput and Process Optimization and Commissioning
Process Designer Process Planning and Line Balancing
Process Simulate Robotic Work cell Optimization and Commissioning

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Customer Feedback

“Quality Award presented to Production Modeling Corporation for Distinguished Achievements toward Customer Satisfaction as a member of the Plant Simulation Team.”
- North American Automotive OEM

“Your engineering team responded to challenges along the way, and proved to be an excellent source for our [simulation] needs.”
- World leader in Specialty Glass and Ceramics, Senior Process Project Manager

“The abilities of your group to perform numerous studies and analyze the results in short order to support a variety of proposals directly affecting [our activities] have assisted our Senior Management in making the appropriate decisions regarding issues such as, the conversion of  delivery methods, development of top-hat processes and storage layouts.”
North America Automotive OEM, Senior Operations Manager

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