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PMC has developed a business concept called “PMC Way” that has been successfully used for over 25 years. PMC Way consists of 5 steps:


Step 1. Assessment conducted to determine the baseline for the clients for their business processes, workforce, technologies with IT environment-platforms-systems, quality, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain productivity software products in use, operational excellence, environmental, ergonomics, and occupational health and safety management systems of our clients.

Step 2. Gap Analysis performed for the client’s current business operations against internal corporate requirements, customer- specific requirements, international standards; local, state, or federal government regulations; industry best practices and benchmark.

Step 3. Actions defined based on the gap analysis. This may include some key metrics’ driver solutions such as customer satisfaction, supplier compliance, internal and external quality cost reductions, ROI, and more.

Step 4. Implementation of the actions defined. PMC provides turn-key solution packages or partnering with our clients to implement the actions defined along with risk assessments for both ways.

Step 5. Follow-up with your organization on an on-going basis for the solutions implemented to sustain the improvements or drive continuous improvement.

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Customer Feedback

“Your engineering team provided a well organized effort in capturing difficult parameters within a hospital environment.  By constructing a graphic model, we were able to visualize patient traffic, and determine several operational conditions.” 
Global EPCM firm Business Leader, Health Care Studio

“This is just a quick letter to let you know how personally pleased I am with the results of our recent project.  [PMC engineer] provided us with a first rate model that was an important part of [our company] receiving a large Purchase Order from [a major automotive OEM] to build the project that had been modeled.”
World-wide supplier of Assembly and Test Equipment, Proposal Manager

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