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Tecnomatix Process Simulate - Robotics

Process Simulate facilitates the design and validation of manufacturing processes in a 3D dynamic environment including assembly,welding, gluing, etc.  It enables you to re-use, specify and validate manufacturing processes including optimization of cycle times and process sequences. It emulates robotic controllers and PLC logic with the actual hardware using OPC and the actual robot programs.


Benefits include:
  • Reduce number of physical prototypes
  • Reduce cost by re-using tools/facilities
  • Reduce cost of change with early detection of issues
  • Optimize cycle times
  • Increase process quality
  • Minimize production risks

Process Simulate


Features include:
  • 3D Simulation
  • 2D and 3D sections
  • 3D measurements
  • Sequencing of operations
  • Static and dynamic collision detection
  • Assembly and robotic path planning
  • Line and workstation design
  • Documentation tools
  • Supports JT file format
  • Gun search wizard
  • Robot reach test
  • Robot smart placement


PMC’s Process Simulate Services Include:
  • Virtually validate processes
  • Collision-free robot path development
  • Efficient spot-welding paths design
  • Virtual Commissioning

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