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PMC partners with Siemens to provide a complete suite of Quality Management products. Products include:

CompliantPro Quality Management System Software is a tool that ensures a company’s quality assurance requirements are documented in a single, integrated system which demolishes silos of information managed as point solutions. It allows an organization to manage their compliance and regulatory requirements beyond just document control. 

Key Areas: 

  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Training & Qualifications, Audits
  • Customer/Supplier management.

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QMS Professional (Quality Management System Professional) Software conveys higher integration among processes, global user groups and manufacturers to suppliers. 

QMS Professional Features: 

  • Process-oriented, Modular System
  • Closed-loop Quality Product Lifecycle
  • Monitoring of Processes and Corporate Quality

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Compliant Pro

QMS Professional

Customer Feedback

“The overall implementation of this activity will ultimately shorten our lead time, thus bringing higher quality [product] to market faster.”      
North America Automotive OEM, Senior Operations Manager

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