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Proplanner is a leader in process engineering and management software for manufacturers who assemble products. These applications automate, streamline and integrate engineering activities for industrial and manufacturing engineers who design and plan production systems for new and modified products.

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Assembly Planner
Assembly Planner is a suite of manufacturing process engineering tools integrated to a database to help engineers create and manage process information in order to improve their manufacturing operations, with emphasis on assembly-oriented tasks. Proplanner’s integrated set of applications include: Time Estimation, Line Balancing, Work Instructions, Ergonomics, PFMEA & Control Plan, Resource Management, and Engineering Change Management tools.

Flow Planner
Flow Planner ensures that facility layout changes are actual improvements. The application works with AutoCAD to automatically generate material flow diagrams and calculate material handling travel distances, time and cost for a layout drawn in AutoCAD. With variable-width flow lines color-coded by product, part or material handling method, users quickly see how layouts should be arranged and where excessive material handling should be eliminated from the manufacturing process.

Workplace Planner
Working within AutoCAD, the Workplace Planner automatically generates walk-path diagrams and calculates worker walk times, lean value-added percentages, travel distances, and ergonomic safety assessments. Walk-path diagrams and animation help visualize the process directly on the layout in AutoCAD.
Video: Workplace Planner

Shop Floor Viewer
Shop Floor Viewer pushes work instructions to the next level to give shop floor workers direct access to view electronic work instructions using a web browser.  This paperless method ensures that the most recent documents are being viewed. Shop floor workers can scan the model number to which they are assigned to pull up the work instruction for their model and station assignment. 

Proplanner offers a standalone line balancing tool, which offers an easy to use spreadsheet interface to manipulate tasks, stations, parts, tools, models/options and precedence. This solution supports regular Windows functionalities, intuitive and sophisticated charting, flexible & quick line balancing techniques, and reporting that calculates utilization and work assignments that can be used as Work Instructions.  This tool is also integrated with Work Place Planner which allows users to conduct analyses of work within a station.

ProTime Estimation
Proplanner offers a standalone Time Estimation Application which offers an easy to use spreadsheet interface to manipulate observed tasks and/or predetermined elements. This application supports integrated video (if available), regular Windows functionalities, intuitive and sophisticated charting, flexible & quick code parsing, user-defined excel-based standard data templates, and reporting that calculates time and factors in Personal, Fatigue and Delays in addition to user-defined allowances. This application supports all of the industry standard languages, including Modapts, MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-B, MTM-SAM, MTM-MEK, Modapts and MOST.  This tool is also integrated with Assembly Planner and the ProBalance application.

PFEP Logistics Database
Proplanner’s PFEP (Plan for Every Part) Materials Handling Database is the master repository for all of a company’s internal logistics and materials handling information. The database stores, manages and analyzes all part logistics information from the trailer in the receiving dock to the assembly locations on the plant floor.  eKanban tracks the pull of empty containers and the replenishment of full containers within a manual Kanban system.  eKitting generates pick-lists for parts required from supermarkets to meet specific needs of a product (or workstation) on the assembly line. 

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“The support and guidance we received [from PMC Process Simulation Team] was nothing short of exemplary throughout the entire project.  It is this kind of support that our company needed to help make this project a success and that will keep us coming back to PMC in the future.”
-Major Appliance Manufacturer
Director of Operations

“Your engineering team responded to challenges along the way, and proved to be an excellent source for our [project] needs. “ 
-World leader in Specialty Glass and Ceramics
Senior Process Project Manager
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