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Opcenter APS (Preactor) Software

Siemens Opcenter APS (Preactor) Advanced Scheduling balances demand with capacity while driving costs down

The current trends in manufacturing call for companies to reduce costs by lowering inventory levels while retaining the capability to satisfy customer demand despite compressed lead times.  Siemens Advanced Planning and Scheduling is a solution for constraint-based production planning and shop floor scheduling. It enables manufacturers to respond quickly and intelligently to unexpected changes, while satisfying customer demands with shorter lead times. 

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Opcenter APS (Preactor) features:

  • Assembly Process Visualization
  • Multi-Constraint Scheduling
  • Advanced Material Handling
  • Advanced Schedule Optimization
  • Schedule Comparison Tables
  • Multiple Report Formats
  • And Much More

Siemens Opcenter APS (Preactor) improves the synchronization of both internal and external processes, and it provides greater visibility to increase utilization and on-time delivery while reducing inventory levels and waste. Its mathematical engine enables manufacturers and service providers to quickly analyze and calculate achievable production schedules while considering multiple constraints and business rules. Planners can generate and evaluate what-if scenarios to achieve the best results.

Serving a range of industries:

  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Devices
  • Metals and Metal Fabrication
  • Paper, Publishing and Printing
  • Rubber, Plastics and Textiles
  • Training and Education
  • And Many Others
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Opcenter APS (Preactor) integrates with:

  • ERP Systems
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Demand Planning Systems
  • OEE Applications

Contact us to find out how PMC can support Opcenter APS (Preactor) in your enterprise or help you deploy it from the ground up.

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Customer Feedback


“We have estimated that the additional ladle per day delivered by Preactor, results in an extra US$ 70 million per year on our annual revenue. In addition with the new system of synchronization the company has obtained a significant improvement due to faster and better decision making on staff allocation and planned maintenance cycles.”      
- Steel Provider, Operations Manager

“Significant time can be saved by getting a smooth flow of product through each line. As many products have similar packaging requirements, sequencing these correctly minimises the changes to any line which can cut changeover times dramatically. In a similar way, some products do not present a cross contamination risk so it’s important we identify these and factor this in too.”  
- Pharmacuticals Manufacturer, Director

“Despite the difficulties in the beginning, like the work to improve our SAP data quality, after only 3 months after the system went live, we have realized just how powerful the solution is. The results achieved in such a time were higher than we expected. The APS solution delivered a significant stock reduction of more then 20% on average across all products”.      
- Global Parts Supplier, Materials Analyst for North American Division

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