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What is Scheduling?

Scheduling is deciding in advance when the work will be performed, where it will be performed , what kind of resources will be used and how much they will be used. The scheduling process is usually connected with scheduling systems, policies, techniques, and/or devices. In this context the scheduling process centers around: schedule
  • Time to perform the work,
  • The machine/resource which will perform the work,
  • The number of resources to be applied,
  • Validation work progress versus work scheduled, and
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Why Hire PMC for Scheduling Services?

From job shop scheduling of machines, to scheduling of workforce (or staff), and to scheduling of vehicles (or fleet) in transportation, PMC has been implementing scheduling based productivity improvement solutions for over 30 years.

PMC consulting team possesses extensive experience with various finite capacity scheduling, discrete-event simulation, and optimization technologies and software products. We have in-depth knowledge of genetic algorithms, stochastic and heuristic algorithms and their suitability to the problem at hand.

PMC's Production Scheduling offers:
  • Reduced scheduling effort and cost
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Labor load leveling
  • Accurate delivery date quotes
  • Real time information
PMC's Workforce Scheduling offers:
    • Optimized staffing levels
    • Reduced customer wait time
    • Improved service quality
    • Higher throughput
    • Improved worker productivity
    • Reduced operational costs
PMC's Vehicle Scheduling offers:
          • Reduced vehicle fleet costs
          • Improved service level
          • Reduced scheduling time and effort
          • Reduced transportation costs
          • Flexibility to respond to changes

In addition to our customized scheduling solutions, we also offer sales and implementation of off-the-shelf scheduling software packages to suit any need.

Opcenter APS (Preactor) Software

Opcenter APS (Preactor) is the World's leading Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling software, installed in over 4500 companies in 88 countries around the World.

The current trends in manufacturing are towards lowering inventory levels to reduce costs while still being able to respond to shorter lead times to satisfy customer demand.  Opcenter APS (Preactor) offers a family of applications ranging from mid and long term capacity planning to detailed scheduling and is translated into 30 languages.

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Customer Quotes


“Significant time can be saved by getting a smooth flow of product through each line. As many products have similar packaging requirements, sequencing these correctly minimises the changes to any line which can cut changeover times dramatically. In a similar way, some products do not present a cross contamination risk so it’s important we identify these and factor this in too.”         - Pharmacuticals Manufacturer, Director

“Despite the difficulties in the beginning, like the work to improve our SAP data quality, after only 3 months after the system went live, we have realized just how powerful the solution is. The results achieved in such a time were higher than we expected. The APS solution delivered a significant stock reduction of more then 20% on average across all products”.      
- Global Parts Supplier, Materials Analyst for North American Division

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