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CompliantPro Quality Management System Software is a tool that ensures a company’s quality assurance requirements are documented in a single, integrated system which demolishes silos of information managed as point solutions. CompliantPro allows an organization to manage their compliance and regulatory requirements beyond just document control. Key areas include Environmental Health & Safety, Enterprise Risk Management, Training & Qualifications, Audits, and customer / supplier management.

Features of CompliantPro:
  • Document Control
  • Training and Qualification
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • CAPA Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Quality Planning & Objectives
  • Audit Management
  • Customer Surveys
  • Supplier Management
  • Change Management
  • Nonconformances / Waivers
  • Complaint Management
  • Calibration Management
  • Environmental/Health/Safety Management
CompliantPro Functional Capabilities:
  • Integration Capability
  • Multilingual
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Escalation
  • Action Management
  • Back-ups/ Delegates
  • Configurable
CompliantPro Modules

CompliantPro Quality Management System Software has global features built in that will allow organizations to better manage their global sites QM requirements through one system. These features include Organizations, Rules-based Configurable Workflows, Cloning, Escalation, Categorization, Approval Workflows, Pre-Configured Dynamic Reports, Content Structured via Templates, Saved Searches, Read Restrictions, Reporting Tables for BI Tool Access, Numbering of Documents, and Roles-based Security.

Dashboard 1 Dashboard 2
Personal Dashboard and Reports- Quick Access to Most Relevant Information:
  • My Tasks
  • My Tracking
  • Personal Links
  • Published Links
  • Dynamic Pre-Configured Reports
Integration with Business Systems

Integration with Business Systems- Synchronization of Master Data with Source Systems

Document Control
  • Document Ownership
  • Collaboration Process (Optional)
  • Final Approval Process via Electronic Signature
  • Automatic Release and Control of Versions
  • Delayed Release Capability
  • Temporary Document Capability
  • Automatic Archiving of Previous Versions
  • Automatic Audit Reminders
  • Integration with Training and Qualification
  • Integration with Assessments
CompliantPro Document Control
Training and Qualifications
Training and Qualifications - Visibility to who can perform what assignment:
  • Track job qualifications and training requirements
  • Track employee and non-employee training information
  • Certification and renewal course reminders
  • Quizzes and Effectiveness Reviews
  • Integration with Document Control
  • Self-acknowledgement of training
  • Mass scheduling
  • Mass updating
  • Escalation
CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action)
  • Out-of-the-Box CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action)
    • Containment Actions
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Resolution Plan and Actions
    • Approval for Closure
    • Effectiveness Review
    • 7-Step and 8D layouts
    • Lessons Learned
  • Out-of-the-Box Standalone Actions
  • Out-of-the-Box Meetings
  • Integrates with all other CompliantPro modules
Assessments: Structured Method to Find and Fix Gaps
  • Assessments
    • Gap Analysis/Process Audits/Security Audits
    • Groupings via Profiles
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Automatic scheduling of recurring audits
  • Version Controlled Questionnaires (Integration with Document Control)
  • Launch CAPAs (Corrective Action Preventive Action) for non-compliant findings
  • On-line and Off-line Findings capture
    • Upload of Off-line Findings
Customer Information
Customer Information - Better Service to your Customers:
  • Out-of-the-Box Complaints
  • Out-of-the-Box Return Material Authorization
  • Out-of-the-Box Customer Surveys
  • Integrates with CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action)
  • Association with Master Data
  • Customer Portal
Supplier Information - Better Service from your Suppliers:
  • SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Request)/ Supplier Audits/Supplier Evaluations
  • Out-of-the-Box SCARs (Supplier Corrective Action Requests)
    • Containment Action
    • Root Cause
    • Resolution Plan and Action
    • Closure via Approval
    • Effectiveness Review
    • 8D and 7 Step layouts
    • Associates Master Data
    • Integrates with CAPA (Supplier Corrective Action Request) and NCMR (Nonconforming Material Report)
  • Out-of-the-Box Supplier Audits and Evaluations
    • Equivalent functionality of Assessments Module
  • Supplier Portal
Supplier Information
Equipment Calibration and Maintenance
Equipment Calibration & Maintenance - Avoid Quality Problems and Production Delays:
  • Calibration / Preventive Maintenance
  • Out-of-the-Box Calibration Process
    • Schedule of Activity
    • Capture of Results
  • Out-of-the-Box Preventive Maintenance Process
    • Schedule of Activity
    • Capture of Results
  • Controlled Checklists
  • Recurring frequency
  • Labor and cost tracking
  • Integration with CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action)

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Customer Feedback

“Your engineering team provided a well organized effort in capturing difficult parameters within a hospital environment.  By constructing a graphic model, we were able to visualize patient traffic, and determine several operational conditions.”
Global EPCM firm Business Leader, Health Care Studio

“The overall implementation of this activity will ultimately shorten our lead time, thus bringing higher quality [product] to market faster.”      
North America Automotive OEM, Senior Operations Manager

“This is just a quick letter to let you know how personally pleased I am with the results of our recent project.  [PMC engineer] provided us with a first rate model that was an important part of [our company] receiving a large Purchase Order from [a major automotive OEM] to build the project that had been modeled.”
World-wide supplier of Assembly and Test Equipment, Proposal Manager

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