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Tecnomatix FactoryFLOW

FactoryFLOW lets you optimize layouts based on material flow distances, frequency of transit and costs.  FactoryFLOW also helps you optimize indirect labor and generates operator work paths. Path flow diagrams, aisle congestion diagrams and reports give you the power to compare layout options and improve production efficiency.


Benefits include:
  • Create initial layouts easily
  • Reduce material handling needs and storage
  • Determine best machine and department locations
  • Design workstation layouts
  • Optimize layouts
  • Calculate material handling costs
FactoryCAD and FLOW


Features include:
  • Flowchart option to develop routings
  • Cut/copy/paste multiple activity points
  • Rapid editing of material routing file
  • One project database for everything
  • Material handling utilization calculation
  • Data editing via Microsoft Excel®
  • Automatic container placement routine
  • Identify high and low usage aisles


PMC’s FactoryFLOW Services Include:
  • Optimize material handling
  • Optimize storage requirements
  • Optimize indirect labor
  • Customized training

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Customer Feedback

“Quality Award presented to Production Modeling Corporation for Distinguished Achievements toward Customer Satisfaction as a member of the Plant Simulation Team.”
- North American Automotive OEM

“Your engineering team responded to challenges along the way, and proved to be an excellent source for our [simulation] needs.”
- World leader in Specialty Glass and Ceramics, Senior Process Project Manager

“The abilities of your group to perform numerous studies and analyze the results in short order to support a variety of proposals directly affecting [our activities] have assisted our Senior Management in making the appropriate decisions regarding issues such as, the conversion of  delivery methods, development of top-hat processes and storage layouts.”
North America Automotive OEM, Senior Operations Manager

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