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PMC also provides consulting, installation, training, implementation, and support services for these simulation software products.  Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

Arena simulation software helps protect your business by analyzing the impact of new, "what-if" business ideas, rules, and strategies before implementation on live customers—offline, without causing disruptions in service.

Use Arena Simulation Software to help demonstrate, predict, and measure system strategies for effective, efficient, and optimized performance

Through a combination of process simulation and optimization technologies, Arena simulation software helps demonstrate, predict, and measure system performance, as well as test drive new business rules and scenarios. The effectiveness and efficiency of new strategies in a controlled environment under varying conditions and decision criteria can be verified before implementation on "live" operations or customers.


Arena in Material Handling   Arena in Healthcare


Arena Features:            


       •   Job Routing

       •   Push vs. Pull Systems
       •   JIT Operations
       •   Factory Flow
       •   Plant Layouts
       •   Capacity Planning
       •   Inventory Control Mechanisms
       •   Stock Levels
       •   Lean/Six Sigma Initiatives
       •   Staffing Levels
       •   ERP
       •   Warehousing Operations
       •   Justify Capital Expenditures
       •   Machine Reliability Effects
       •   Continuous Processes
       •   Discrete Processes
       •   Front Office Operations
       •   Order Fulfillment




      •   Patient Flow

      •   Emergency Departments
      •   Operating Room Utilizations
      •   Time to Admit and Discharge
      •   JACHO Compliance Capacity Planning
      •   Expansion Decisions
      •   Facility Layout
      •   Length of Stay (LOS)
      •   Door to Doc Time
      •   Transportation Alternatives
      •   Delivery Mechanisms
      •   Shipment Methods
      •   Site Planning
      •   Dispatching Rules
      •   Expansion
      •   Workflow
      •   Internal Processing


Leading organizations have come to rely on Arena to help them improve customer service, capitalize on new business opportunities, and maximize profits. Typically, organizations realize a return of more than 10-15 times their investment in Arena and achieve these returns within a few weeks to a few months.


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Customer Feedback


“[PMC engineers] did an outstanding job of understanding our work processes and developing a simulation model that provided very useful output.”
- Major Automotive OEM Business Process Consultant

“Your engineering team responded to challenges along the way, and proved to be an excellent source for our [simulation] needs.”
-World leader in Specialty Glass and Ceramics Senior Process Project Manager

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